Welcome to Kerala NCC Civilian Staff Association

Welcome to the official website of the Kerala NCC Civilian Staff Association (KNCC-CSA).

About the KNCC-CSA:

The Kerala NCC Civilian Staff Association (KNCC-CSA) is a nearly 1000 member association of all Civilian Staff working under the NCC Department of the Kerala State Services.

Aim of KNCC-CSA:

The aim of the KNCC-CSA is to take care of the social, cultural, economic and overall welfare of its members, 
1. To nurture equality and brotherhood amongst members.
2. To enrich and nurture worksmanship and skillsets amongst employees.
3. To nurture teamspirit and mutual understanding amongst employees.
4. To bring to the notice of the management, issues of common interest and special needs, fully abiding to the Constitution.
5. To take the necessary steps for the social, economic and cultural welfare of employees.

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